Steven Pollock was born in 1971 in Toronto, Canada. After a career in the Global Telecommunications industry and a journey that brought him to living and working in several European cities, Steven abruptly removed his tie, dropped his briefcase and pursued a new direction.

“I realized that I had created a successful career that would provide all the necessities in life but I learned that money was my only motivator to stay. My heart was not there and I knew corporate life was not for me no matter how good I was at it.”

From the outset, Steven’s work has focused on a desire to create and work with his hands. Today Steven has become an internationally recognized artist who produces art, furniture and sculpture. His materials of choice are concrete, steel and wood.

At the heart of Steven’s work is a profound commitment to detail, artistic exploration and the latent potential of materials. This is achieved through rational inquiry, spirit of curiosity and continued experimentation.

The majority of Steven’s work is privately commissioned in British Columbia, Canada and typically rests in high-profile architectural homes.