Years after completing a custom concrete fireplace wall feature in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC the client asked me to design an entertainment center to compliment it.

Being a woodworker I naturally have a love for wood. Iʼm very particular in my wood selections and through the years I have learned that the closer I get to the source of wood, the better the chances of getting what I want. When wood is milled into slabs it is then “stickered”, laid down horizontally and stacked vertically for drying. I can see a correlation to a fallen tree in the forest and itʼs natural place of rest.

This piece of furniture is 10-feet long and I wanted to make it monolithic to resemble a large section of a tree lying peacefully in itʼs home. I also wanted to play with positive and negative space to lighten the otherwise too-heavy piece, while at the same time creating levels of interest for placement of personal objects. I carried over similar dimensions of the concrete fireplace to the concrete base to create some continuity in the space.

Steven designs and builds custom concrete fireplaces and concrete furniture based in Vancouver, Canada